We provide a comprehensive publishing service to the wedding & events industry.

By publishing the
Wedding & Function KZN magazine we: 

Get your ideal customer’s attention to use your services or brand, helping you get more leads to grow your sales!

Alison Kirk

My Name is Alison Kirk. I am the owner of the Kwazulu-Natal franchise Wedding & Function. I help wedding & event companies get brand awareness, credibility and leads to increase their sales. I believe marketing is the heart of every business! You could offer the best product or service, but if no one has seen or heard of your business how will your sales increase?

Publishing of Wedding & Function Kwazulu-Natal magazine started in 2007 and has become the top wedding publication in South Africa! What makes us the leading publication is that we are not just a magazine…we put a marketing campaign together to best service our clients in the wedding industry. We know where brides  are and what they’re looking for.  Wedding & Function are marketing experts for wedding and event companies through publishing print, app, web, email and networking events.

What makes Wedding & Function Kwazulu-Natal
publication the best in the business…

  • We publish more than any other wedding publication in the country. 60 000 copies annually (10 000 per issue)
  • We attend every bridal fair in Kwazulu-Natal 
  • We have more editions annually than any other wedding publication
  • We have over 200 distribution points in and around Kwazulu-Natal
  • Our estimated readership is 150 000 annually (25 000 per issue)
  • We host the only Wedding Industry Networking Event in Kwazulu-Natal


Will you be the next wedding & function company that all the brides want to use?

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